Ice Cream Sandwich or better known as ICS is the latest released by Android to the technology world recently. In this article, I am going to explain to you what ICS is all about, a little features in this and of course, my honest review on ICS.

What ICS is all about and what so great about it?

What I can say about ICS is it is 'some sort' of a full revamp of Android especially on the user interface (UI) and of course, visibility of the Android operating system. ICS promised to deliver many new features such as:
  1. Refined, evolved new UI
  2. Home screen folders and favourites tray
  3. Resizeable widgets
  4. New lock screen actions
  5. Quick response for incoming calls
  6. Swipe to dismiss notifications, tasks and browser tabs
  7. Improved text input and spell-checking
  8. Powerful voice engine
  9. Control over network data
  10. Designed for accessibility
  11. Unified calendarr, visual voicemail
  12. Rich and versatile camera capabilities
  13. Redesigned Photo Gallery with photo editor
  14. Live effects from transforming video
  15. Sharing screenshots
  16. Cloud-connected experience
  17. Powerful web browsing
  18. Improved email
  19. Face unlocking features
  20. NFC features
  21. Wifi Direct and Bluetooth HDP
If you can see above, Android 4.0 definitely releases many new features and not to forget, some important updates on current applications. So how does Android 4.0 ICS flairs in this matter? Have a look below for more!

Honest review on Android 4.0

My first review will definitely be ICS build is 101% overrated. Well, I am sorry but yes, if you are expecting a big 'boom', then you are going to be disappointed pretty bad. The new looks of ICS is welcomed and I would say it is well time (looking over my shoulder on Apple iOS 5.1) for Android fans out there.

However, though the many new features on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the build is just not enough to beat the rest of the apps out there in the market. For example, many of us will not use Android's stock email but instead, choosing the famous (and not to mention free), K9-mail.

I was lucky to own a Samsung Galaxy S2 and thus, was able to try out the new ICS Rom. I would say it has many bugs unfixed and some new features are not up to my standards. Of course, we all love new features but some are not well done. For example, I feel the face unlocking feature is very cool indeed but to get the app running and able to capture the facial look is tough. For example, I tested the part where I asked a number of my friends to try the face unlocking feature and amazingly, some are having a hard time to get it working. Could it be the reason they do not have the usual 'pretty round face'?

Another part is the transition from Ginger Bread to Ice Cream Sandwich is not that smooth. I consider myself having a good amount of technology-savvy but I still having some issues trying to get ICS to work as what I wished for. Assuming for a moderate tech savvy person, it will definitely be tougher for them. Again, this is one part that I am not sure what Android can do to make this easier.

Last but not least, battery life issue. When ICS was announced, many assumed and hoped deep inside their heart that Android 4.0 will improves the battery life. Well, it didn't and yes, Android is back to the old 'battery issues' again. Not much of improvement I would say with the current ICS build.

My verdict

I didn't like the new Android 4.0 ICS and I actually reverted back to Ginger Bread for the time being. I might just opt for a stable custom ICS Rom later on but right now, I am pretty happy with Ginger Bread. Don't get me wrong as ICS is worth the upgrade if you love trying out in new features and build. However, do not put in high expectation on Android 4.0 ICS as I would label this new build as moderate and seriously overrated.

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