For most Apple fans, jailbreak is a very common household term. In fact, some considered jailbreak as one of the 'speciality' that Apple could offer. For newbies or new Apple users, one common question is "How worth it jailbreak is?" With this article, I hope that you get an insight of what jailbreak is all about.

How worth it is Jailbreak?

For starters, jailbreak is also known as JB for most Apple fans. What jailbreak does is just like rooting an Android. Basically, when you jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you can install programs and applications which are not signed by Apple. In another words, you can basically install anything on your device and even have Administrator access to the core of the Apple product. Well if you ask me why Apple doesn't approve jailbreaking in public, the answer is simple. Messing around with this delicate settings could be very fatal and could easily destroy your device if you are not careful with.

So, what are the advantages of jailbreaking?

Access to a larger number of applications and customizations
Whenever you jailbreak your device, you are going to be spoilt with thousands of apps that Apple doesn't allow. We all know how strict Apple is when it comes to applications and programs. Therefore, for those who love tweaking their iPhone, iPad or iPod, jailbreaking is a must as without jailbreak, you are not going to be able to tweak and customize your device.

Jailbreak to unlock a locked iPhone set
It is very normal nowadays for people to buy iPhones from other countries and to be brought back to their own countries. Mainly is because of the high cost and shipping fees. However, buying such iPhones are mostly locked set which means that, you are not able to use the iPhone with other carriers. Thankfully for jailbreaking, you can now unlock your locked iPhone and you can start using it with any carrier of your choice.

Deleting the irritating newstand and many more
One of the most hated basic app for most Apple users is the newstand. Without jailbreaking your device, the newstand have to be placed on the springboard and you will have no option to remove it. Now when you jailbreak your device, you can install tweaks that basically delete the unwanted newstand and clear your screen.

As you can see above, here are the three most common advantages and purposes of jailbreaking an Apple product. Every good thing has its own disadvantages as well and I know something is still turning in your head.

How about Jailbreak disadvantages? Does jailbreak bring any side effect?

Jailbreak effect on battery life
Sadly, jailbreak has its own disadvantages and one of them is the battery life. I wouldn't consider this completely an advantage by jailbreaking as when you jailbreak, you are able to install those customization especially on themes. Some themes are really battery suckers and simply by installing them, you might ended up having more issues with your battery life. If you want to get out of battery life issue, always make sure you install what is needed only.

Jailbreak makes iPhone and iPad lag!
This is another very common thing I hear every day. Jailbreaking DOES NOT slows down your phone but the number of mods and programs you had installed will do so. So, why am I blaming on jailbreak? The answer is simple. Most of these apps comes from Cydia and thus, I would consider the core of the problem coming from jailbreaking itself. Again, remember to install whatever you need and not everything you need.

Display error caused by jailbreaking
Last but not least, it is very normal if your app icon loses its colour or image when you jailbreak. Usually a respring will solve the issue but again, we all wish to have a complete and working product right? As much as jailbreaking can do good for us, display error is still one of the biggest problem that comes along with jailbreaking.

My review on jailbreaking

Jailbreaking is definitely fun and I been using both JB and non-JB iPhones for sometime now. If you ask me, I wouldn't say jailbreak is that bad but certainly, there are things you should know about before jail breaking. Also, there is no such thing as all pros and no cons regardless of what you do. Therefore, you have all the right to jail break but make sure that you install only the necessary apps and programs to ensure your Apple device is running smoothly.