Battle Nations is one of the most anticipated and upcoming free game for iPhone, iPad and Mac. So what is Battle Nations all about? According to Wikipedia, Battle Nations is a freemium turn-based strategy video game developed and published by Z2Live. The game puts players in control of land with limited resources where effective management of resources will be vital to expansion and advancement. Building a productive nation then allows players to form armies which are used as the basis for the game's core: PvP combat in turn-based strategy warfare. Routine updates by Z2Live keeps the game fresh with new units and missions.

Setting up your base
This is just like any other games. Make sure you base is setup well and during the early stages, try not to turn on PvP as this might affect you dearly. Remember that in Battle Nations, you need to have a very balance number of resources, buildings and army. If you can get these three sorted out well, you are probably on your way to some serious fun!

Army is not everything; Strategy is!
During the early stages, try not to have too many armies in your inventory. As you can see, you have a specific number of populations and thus, having too many armies might actually effect you down the leveling path. If you have very limited populations, you will face many issues and the worst case scenario is to shut down some buildings just to cater for your 'appetite'.

Get addicted with Battle Nations on Apple devices
When it comes to army, you need to know your men. Trooper is cheap but try not to have too many of them. They actually only comes useful when they hit Rank 4 and Double Shot comes available. The main armies that you should have are:

  • Small amount of long ranged attackers such as Mortar and Grenadier which is extremely useful against armoured personnels and vehicles
  • Some Shock Troopers as secondary tankers
  • A few Riot Troopers as they are the best 'human shield' in game
  • Focus slightly more on heavy vehicles for damage and tanking
Going PvP arena before reaching level 30
Many people say that PvP is hell for those before level 30. If you ask me, I would say it is rather boring when you PvP below level 30. Anything after level 30 is all about strategy and some luck. You can basically have 7 spaces where you can place your armies. Try not to place them in groups as they will be easy targets for Area of Effect (AoE) attackers such as Mortar team.

You got to focus on which which still have another turn to hit you and not the ones that has no more turn. In short, if you are able to focus on this, you basically won the battle by 50% already!

City structure and deferences
There is nothing better than a strong deference. This is where you can start using your defences such as Pillbox and Bunkers to further garrison your troops and shield them from damages. It is very normal where people will try to conquer your resources generator. Therefore, building a good defence structure close or within the range of the subject is definitely a good tactic.

Do your quests!
One of the fastest way to level up is by doing quests. Usually, these quests are easy but very time consuming. However, this doesn't mean that you can just ignore them. Start focus on completing them as soon as possible and you will be able to unlock more levels and units faster than others.

What are the best formation or unit combination in Battle Nations?
To be very honest, there is no such thing as the best unit combinations. For me, it all depends on whether you are an all-out attacker, defender or balanced type. I usually go with balanced team where I have 1 long range attacker, 2 to 3 mid range and the balance will be tankers or 'meat-shield'. It all boils down to what you like most and what you think suits you best.

Nanopods - The ultimate game changer
Just like any other free games, the developers would need some real cash to continue updating and improving the game. Imagine Nanopods as some green test tubes items which can boost your building speed from days to just seconds and giving you more exclusive units to crush your enemies. You can basically earn many free Nanopods by leveling up and doing simple tasks to earn a few daily. Also, be reminded that it is advisable to keep those Nanopods for later level use instead of spamming them even before you reaching mid of the game.

So what else are you looking for? Add me right now (in-game name: nicregi) and we might be great friends there! Hope this guide served you some purpose and of course, best of the luck and see you in game buddy!